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We have just launched this exciting new blog which contains articles about news, events and products related to longboarding. If you’d like to guest write an article for us, we’ll post it up here for free, and give you credit for it and two backlinks to your site.

All we ask is the following:

  1. The content is original.
  2. At least 700 words in length.
  3. It is of high quality.
  4. It relates to longboarding.
  5. You may promote your business/product in the article, but we want to give great value to our readers, so try to be practical and give them more than just a sales pitch.
  6. Pitch your idea to us before you write the article. We don’t want you to spend hours writing if we can’t publish your post.
  7. Your article can include photos and video, as long as you hold the rights to them.


  1. Expect to earn money. We do not pay for our guest bloggers.
  2. Re-publish your post elsewhere.

What do you get in return?

  • Access to a hungry crowd of people looking to make their next purchase. Our visitors are “buy minded”.
  • Exposure to thousands of people per month who are interested in the longboard niche.
  • An article that is permanently located on our site and provides ongoing benefits to you.

Why choose this site?

  • Our site is based around product reviews, which means that people visit this site because they intend to buy a product.
  • Over 61% of our visitors are located in the US, followed next by Canada.
  • We have a lot of high PR sites linking in to us, so your content will be quickly ranked in Google search.

You can find out further about our visitors demographics here and geographic data here.

If you have any questions for us or would like to submit an article, please email us at contact[at]longboardreviews.net


We reserve the right to make minor edits to your article. We won’t re-write it, but we may need to adjust it to make it a better fit for this site or correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

While we have no intention to remove any articles at this stage, operational needs may require that your article is removed at some point in the future.

We don’t make any guarantees that you will profit from posting your article on this site.

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  • Elaine says:

    i started lonnroabdigg about 5 years ago now i think and its been so awesome watching original grow online and in my community. I remember being over at my friends house shortly after he bought the apex 37 and we all tried to ride it and we were all freaking out because it was so hard to ride (compared to our sector 9 boards) After we kinda got the hang of it we went inside and watched western sessions over and over and i was instantly hooked. I bought the Hybrid 35 shortly after that and me and my friends have been riding original ever sense, looking to the Go Longboard videos as inspiration to ride. Also, a lot of people from our high school at the time started to see us riding these boards around town and always came to us asking where they could pick one up. Now its pretty much impossible to drive into town without seeing a longboard within the first block. Cant wait to pick up the Carbon Apex 37 !!! Great job guys keep it up !!

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