Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown Wood Sunset Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown’s Wood Sunset longboard is a 42” pintail board, designed for first-time longboarders and those seeking to build their skills and balance. The board is paired with 6” silver trucks and 70mm 78a wheels, making stability one of its main selling points. Topped with black grip tape for good grab and sporting a surfer-style beach decal on the underside, this is a reasonably priced, entry-level board that won’t prove too much for the novice to handle, and is well designed to help the skate park newbie get to grips with carving.

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Great for Novices

The Krown Wood Sunset is designed for the novice longboarder, and is a great choice for the first timer looking to buy a good starter board. The durable ten-ply maple deck is well shaped to provide a low centre of gravity for reliable stability, even at speeds, and the 70mm wheels ensure a forgiving ride that help to cover for the odd mistake that lesser boards would not be able to cope with.

Aerodynamically designed, the Krown Wood Sunset allows the rider to build up speed smoothly, meaning that you won’t outgrow the board’s capabilities within just a couple of months of ownership.

The bearings are adequate for a novice, however, if you are looking for easier cruising and increased speed, we recommended spending another few dollars and replacing the existing bearings with these Bones Reds.

Great for Carving

This board is designed to help the newbie to get to grips with carving, and enables smooth, stable cornering and sweeping turns, with just enough oomph to keep up with you when you start aiming higher with tighter, faster turns. It offers a smooth slide for cruising, and the grip-tape surface provides essential stability for those that are a little wobbly on their wheels!

At 42” long in the pinboard style and 9” wide, the board’s footprint is again, forgiving enough to provide both some margin for error and to suit folk with larger paws, whilst also being aerodynamic enough to introduce the newbie to the delights of faster cruising and slicker turns.

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Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 42” long pinboard style, 9” wide deck.
  • Deck materials: Durable ten-ply Canadian maple.
  • Decals: Black grip tape riding surface, beach sunset full design on the underside.
  • Trucks: Aluminium heavy-duty 6 and 4 hole design, with Allen head kingpins.
  • Wheels: 70mm/78a mags.
  • Bearings: Abec 7’s with a smoked-black colour cover.
  • Grip: High-traction coarse black grip tape.
  • Maximum loaded weight: 198lb.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The Krown Wood Sunset has largely excellent reviews from both first timers and more experienced skaters trying out a beginner board, scoring a solid four out of five stars from 91 reviews.

The board’s relatively high spec for the price and its carving ability, as well as the stability and grip it offers crop up multiple times within the board’s reviews, with the only really critical review being made by an experienced boarder who felt that the board was not a good match for their skills. Even then, the reviewer strongly recommended the Krown Wood Sunset as a great first board for newbies!


The stability, flex and responsiveness of the board are all widely praised, however it is worth noting that it isn’t really up to the task of top speed sliding, but as a beginner board, this is unlikely to be an issue for most buyers!

A couple of buyers mentioned changing out the trucks and bushes for a better set after getting to grips with the basics, which can extend the board’s range and help it to keep up as your skills improve.


If you’re looking to score a very reasonably priced longboard for the beginner or novice who wants to get to grips with basic and intermediate skills with a safe, forgiving and well-designed board, the Krown Wood Sunset is an excellent choice.

Nothing in the field beats it at the price point, and this board is an excellent pick for the novice longboarder who wants to start off on the right foot with a great, well designed entry-level board that looks the part and performs well too.

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  • Smooth ride
  • Aesthetics
  • High stability
  • Value for money


  • Bearings
  • Trucks


  • So Cal Girl says:

    Got this for my birthday last summer. It is my first longboard. I think it is a very good board for a beginner because it is nice and stable, but after I had been riding for a few months I wanted to go faster so I added the Bones Red bearings. Wow! What a difference! It is so fast now. Like a rocket 🙂

  • Rod says:

    I’d echo the comments made above. I liked this board how it came from Amazon, but after I upgraded the bearings I can now go like a bat out of hell on this thing. Defo a good buy if you like cruising and some freeriding.

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