Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard Longboard

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard Longboard

The Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard was one of the more unusual longboards we have reviewed! Far more than a toy, this electric skateboard offers a quick and effortless way to get to your destination, or to just enjoy the pleasure of cruising.

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Powered By Two 1000W Electric Motors

This is the most powerful of the Boosted electric skateboards – powered by two brushless 1000W electric motors. The motors are controlled by a small handheld bluetooth controller. On the controller you have different power settings. The manufacturer states that the lowest speed setting will propel you along at about 15MPH and the top power setting about 22MPH. That is based on ideal conditions and assumes the rider weighs 185lbs.

The torque from the motors is impressive, and on pushing the power button the wheels accelerated quickly – even with a 6ft 1 tall guy riding on it.

Battery Life

The manufacturer specifies that you should be able to get 6 miles out of this board without recharging, and in fact we managed to squeeze a little over 7 miles from it, which is quite impressive. That included riding on the flat and up and down some shallow hills.

The manufacturer states that the battery recharge time is 60 minutes, although in our experience it was slightly longer at 90 minutes.

The battery is fixed and is not replaceable. Having said that, the lithium battery should be good for about 1500 charge cycles, so if you were to recharge the board every day you’d still be looking at about 4 years of battery life.

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Controlling the Board

The electric motors are controlled by a small bluetooth controller (wireless) which you keep in your hand while riding.

The controller has two primary switches on it. One is a ‘dead mans switch’ – you have to keep this pressed the whole time while riding or the motors cut-out. Once you have the dead mans switch pressed, you then use your thumb to select the power setting on a small dial. That sounds a bit fiddly, but the controller is shaped ergonomically, so its actually very easy and intuitive to use.

The power dial can be rotated forward or backward depending on which direction you want to go in. Obviously rotating the dial forward makes you go forward, and rotating it backwards makes you go in reverse. It’s also worth mentioning that the reverse function also acts as an effective braking mechanism when you are going forward and want to slow down.

The battery status can be checked by looking at the LED indicator on the controller which is important if you don’t want to risk getting stranded with a flat battery!

The controller has four different power settings. This will determine your speed from 15MPH at the lowest setting, all the way up to 22MPH on power setting 4.

What’s It Good For?

This board has been designed for cruising and commuting. It is not appropriate for sliding, tricks or downhill bombing.

This board is great for those who have a commute to school or work of up to about 6 miles. It could be a fun alternative to taking the bus or the metro and less effort than a traditional longboard.

For those of you who just like going out for a cruise around then you’ll have a lot of fun on this electric board. It’s also quite amusing watching people look at you in bemusement as they see you riding uphill on a longboard without taking your feet off the board to push! Expect this board to turn heads and garner lots of interest from passers-by.

Just as a footnote, this board weighs about 15lbs. It is possible to carry it around at that weight, but you wouldn’t want to be doing that for long distances.

Comfortable Riding

So if you are going to be stood on a longboard for 6 miles at a time then comfort is important. The good news is that Boost have designed this board from the ground up and have developed a bamboo deck with a fair amount of flex in it, which acts like suspension, absorbing the bumps in the road surface and giving you a smooth and comfortable ride.

How Easy Is It To Ride?

As an experienced longboarder it took me about 15 minutes to get really comfortable riding this board. One of the girls in our group had never set foot on a longboard or skateboard before, and after about 2 hours she was feeling confident enough to go zooming down the street on power setting 3!

High Quality Components

This is not a toy. The components on this board have been mostly purpose built for this application and are very durable and of a high quality. The trucks are good, the bearings are very smooth and the deck is strong yet flexible.
Unless you really bash it around, I would foresee this board could last someone many years if cared for appropriately.

Features and Specifications

  • Max Speed: 22 mph
  • Range: 6 Miles
  • Power: 2000W
  • Uphill Climbing: 25 Percent Grade
  • Powerful Braking: Regenerative
  • Charge Time: 60 min
  • Weight: 15lb
  • Truck Width: 10in
  • Wheel Size: 75mm
  • Deck Length: 38in
  • Deck Material: 100% Bamboo

Customer Reviews and Scores

Customer feedback about this longboard is impressive. On this board has scored an impressive 5 out of 5 stars across 27 customer reviews.

Customers Tanner Borren had this to say:
“I’ve had this board for 2 months and ride it daily. I absolutely love it. It’s an incredible experience powering up hill. I can get around downtown about as quickly as a car sometimes quicker. I use any excuse to get out and ride. I’ll ride my board to the grocery store instead of drive. I love it!!”

Customer R Ezinga said:
“This is the Ferrari of electric skateboards.”


There is no doubt that this board is a lot of fun to ride, and far more than being another ‘gadget’, it could be used as a practical means of transport over distances of up to 6 miles. The question you have to ask yourself if whether you are prepared to pay $1500 on a longboard?

It’s worth considering that if you were planning on using this board to run errands or commute on it then you could offset the cost of this board against what you would usually pay in transportation fees on the bus, subway or car etc. In some cases, it may be a smart economic decision to make.

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  • Easy to ride
  • Durable
  • High quality parts
  • Battery life
  • Speed


  • Weight
  • Cost


  • Michelle says:

    My neighbor has one of these. he goes to college on it about 2 miles away. The first time i went on it he put it on the highest speed setting and I fell off. lol. awesome if you have the money to buy it though.

  • Samo says:

    Hey dude, what about that this board charges its self when going downhill?

    • longboar says:

      Hey Samo, thanks for reaching out to us.
      That’s a great point. What you’re referring to is ‘regenerative charging’. When you are going downhill on the board, you can put the motors into ‘reverse’ and this will act as a brake and slow you down. It will also charge the battery.
      On a ride which is mostly downhill, you could almost fully charge your board using regenerative braking.

      One caveat is that you can’t engage regenerative braking on this board when it is fully charged. If you try, it will beep at you. In that situation you would need to foot brake until the battery has run down a little.

  • Mervin says:

    I’ve been riding this board for over a year now, and it is freaking amazing! I can get all the way to college and back on it, which is about a two mile round trip, with some hills in between, on one charge easily.
    My favorite thing on this board is cruising. It is SO relaxing, and loads of people come up and ask me about it.
    Reliability has been awesome. No tech issues at all, and I’ve been through some fairly need puddles at speed without it causing issues.
    Highly recommended!

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