Blunt 2015 Pintail Longboard Complete Cruiser

Blunt 2015 Pintail Longboard Complete Cruiser

The Blunt 2015 Pintail Longboard Complete Cruiser offers larger wheels, 70mm, which is ideal for downhill carving.  It is a perfect board for beginners that want to get their feet wet into long boarding and customizing their boards.  This board comes with the basics, but the upgrades can come later on.

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Riding Quality

This long board offers a 70mm wheels which are great for downhill carving.  The smaller wheels are great for faster acceleration when needed.  The board offers a 42 inch length providing a more stable platform to ride downhill. The longer the board the more stable the board will feel.


Deck sizes in at 9.5 inchs by 42 inches with 8 plies of maple veneer making it lightweight and more flexible than your average board.  The trucks attached are 7 inchs wide with an axle width of 180mm.  It’s made of an aluminum alloy base plate and the surface is trimmed, grinded, and painted to perfection.  The kingpin is made from highly tempered steel, making it durable and stable. The PU cushion boosts a 97A durometer made from polyurtethane. The wheels are polyurethane elastomers with a durometer of 60% rebound, hardness 85A.  The bearings are a Abec 7 filled with speed cream lubricants.  Lastly, is has a OS-780 grip tape that is adhesive on the board.

Customer Reviews

We had a mix of customer reviews on this board. Overall everyone thinks its a great board for beginners.  It requires some customization to get it up to your standards if your more of a intermediate level.  It has a great price on it for being such a great build.

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  • Good for beginners


  • Will require some customization

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