5 Best Longboards To See [TOP BRANDS]


5.  Atom Drop Through Longboard – 41″

As we explain in the article “speed on a budget.” It has to be one of the best longboards you can buy, especially at the price it’s sitting at. Coming in at under $100 is a steal for such a great board. It has great ratings on amazon with hundreds of people rating the longboard. Generally boards that are larger than 45 inches are more suited for downhill, but these trucks are one of the most stable trucks we have ever tried. Click on the article above and read more about this wonderful longboard.


4. Rimable Drop-through Longboard (41-inch)

Next up on the best longboards list we have the 41 inch rimable drop through longboard. This board is considered extremely durable as opposed to other models. Its smooth gives the rider an even more enjoyable experience no matter what your riding through. We all know that the roads are never up to how they should be, which is why this board is great for most cities! For the price you can’t really go wrong.

3. Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (34-Inch)

In 5th place we have an EXTREMELY small board, coming in at 34 inches.  Guess what skate boarders! This board is actually very close to being considered a skate board. If your previously a skateboard we would recommend this to you, as it is only a few inches longer than a regular skateboard.  It’s so in-between a skateboard and longboard that most call it a combo-board. You most likely won’t be going far distance with this board being that its very small, but it makes it easier to carry around. This longboard is great for around the neighborhood or around your school campus.

2. Scsk8 Professional Drop Through Complete Longboard

If you are a beginner than most likely this board is for you. It’s a very popular board as everyone is a beginner at some point in time. If your on a tight budget than this long board will be an even better option for you. The deck on the board is decent as it’s a mid size deck.  The specific dimensions of this deck is 41.25″ X 9″ or 42″ X 9.25″. This is a great size for downhill or cruising if your looking for that. The best downhill londboard usually around this length.  It’s definitely a low to medium quality board but when your starting out, there is no need to get anything higher quality than this.  If your more than a beginning long boarder than we suggest you take a look at the board next.


  1. Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inches)

It’s safe to say this is one of the best longboards you can buy. Most of the community can agree that this board is very superior to most. The majority of people can relate to saying how great this board is with very little complaints.  The board was designed with the highest quality abecs bearings and wheels letting you take wicked curves on bends. Although longboards are known for smooth rides, this long board provides a smooth and slick ride that every long board can dream of.  Click on the review link above to read more reviews about this amazing ride. We go deep into detail on every aspect of this amazing longboard letting you know why you should try it out.

Best longboard Verdict

These are by far the best 7 longboards for beginners or experts you can get! Don’t cut yourself like many of us have done by getting a less superior product. Most of the time those boards are as good as junk, simply because the board is stiff, the grip is nonexistent, the bearings are terrible, and even the trucks are stiff. In our experience try one of these boards as they are one of the better picks we can recommend.

Top Longboard Brands

We all know that every market is saturated with brands emerging on a monthly basis and companies failing the next month. That is why we want to give you a good brand that you can trust. We will be avoiding those fly by long board brands.  Below are by far the best long boarding brands you can buy! Of course if a good brand is not listed here that doesn’t mean its bad. It’s just we didn’t want to make a list of to many brands to choose from! Lets make this nice and simple by listing 4 brands you should buy from. Also they are in no particular order.


This company was established in 2005, which means they have had over 10 years experience in developing successful longboards. Enough people have had to buy them and enjoy them for them to be in business this long. They are still in business so if you have any questions you can always mail them.  Atom longboards has always been a leader in the longboarding industry and will always remain.


These guys have faith in their products and are not just in the business to make money. They stand by their product and want you to enjoy their product as well. All of their boards have amazing graphics and have superior quality. We suggest you take a look at this brand as they are here to stay.

Sector 9

High quality boards, what more can we say? The company has been in the game since 1993. That is over 20 years experience with the longboarding game. One of the best longboard brands that you can get! Check out their website, the website is amazing as well.


Elegantly designed boards with amazing designs.  They also sell skateboards as they are very similar to longboards. Their wide selection of longboards leaves you with a tough decision to make, but they make it easy for you to pick out what longboard to choose with their guide.