Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch)

Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch)

Atom’s 40” drop-through longboard was designed in response to comments from riders of Atom’s previous 41” drop-through, offering a touch more width and a slightly more concave surface on the board’s maple/bamboo hybrid deck. The trucks are high performance 40 degree reverse king pin Navigator Drones, paired with Atom’s own Area 51 wheels.

The board’s decal is a distinctive monochrome tiki-style graphic that compliments its bamboo/maple construction.

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Tight Cornering

First up, the trucks, bearings and wheels of this board are definitely worthy of an early mention, being among the board’s best features. Navigator’s high performance Drone trucks are paired with top grade Abec bearings and Atom’s specialist Area 51 wheels (78A) which all combine to give the board better-than-average turning ability, even at speed. Whilst the Atom 40” isn’t designed for precision tricks and hairpin cornering, it is more than up to the task of hugging the curves and bends on the downhill in the average road or skate park.

Carving on the Atom 40” is comfortable and responsive, and whilst the board isn’t designed for sliding as such, it performs better in this category than most of the competition, and changing out the wheels for some real sliders enables easy transitions between sliding and carving on the move.

A Smooth Ride

This board provides a smooth, slick ride with plenty of buffering, and the stiffness of the board itself sets it apart from the otherwise similar Atom 41” drop-through, enabling a good lick of speed on the downhills! This board has already proven popular among riders who feel the need for speed, offering the right balance of stiffness to belt away on the slopes, whilst ensuring enough flex to allow for sufficient responsiveness when going flat-out.

The drop-through deck makes the board low and comfortable to push off from, and the touch of added width compared to Atom’s earlier 41” longboard also makes a difference to the board’s stability at speed, whilst ensuring that the braking remains responsive and efficient.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 40” long, 10” wide deck.
  • Deck materials: Laminated maple/bamboo hybrid construction, consisting of two-ply bamboo and seven-ply maple.
  • Decal: Tiki-style photo heat transfer monochrome graphics.
  • Trucks: Navigator “Drone,” 40 degrees base with 180mm hangers.
  • Wheels: Atom’s “Area 51,” 78A-SHR, 51mm wide by 70mm diameter.
  • Bearings: Abec 9’s, with high-speed lubricant.
  • Grip: 46 grit (coarse).
  • Maximum loaded weight: 275lb.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This board has scored largely positive reviews from riders, with several buyers hailing it as Atom’s best board yet, particularly when it comes to speed riding, cornering at speed, and shock absorption. Pulling in a solid 83% five-star rating over 69 reviews, the Atom 40” drop-through longboard currently has a 4.8 overall satisfaction rating, with only a couple of negs.

The few negative comments that the board has earned so far largely cite the time taken to break the trucks in in order to achieve really slick turns, and a couple of comments about the bearings not being the best in terms of eliminating friction. A cheap solution to this would be to buy these Reds Bearings to replace the existing bearings.

The board has notably been well reviewed by both novices and veteran street rats, thanks to the board’s forgiving nature over cracks and stones whilst not sacrificing anything in the speed stakes!


If you’re looking for a slick and responsive board for speed riding, the Atom drop-through 40” longboard would be hard to beat. Generating minimal vibration and enabling smooth cornering even at speeds, the Atom drop-through 40” has successfully combined all of the best features of Atom’s previous longboard offerings, all packaged up in a good looking, hardwearing street machine.

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  • King Pin trucks
  • Smooth ride
  • High stability
  • Good turning radius
  • Durable


  • High friction bearings

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  • Becks says:

    This is a tip top board. You really can’t go wrong with this. I’ve been riding to and from college on this for the last 8 months, and other than a few scratches and scrapes, it is still holding up well. Graphics on the board could be a bit more interesting, but that is my only complaint really.

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