Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) is a drop style board which makes it great for downhilling, plus, the low deck means it takes less effort to push yourself along – perfect for long distance riding and cruising.

Drop Style Board

This drop style board lowers your center of gravity to give maximum stability for when you are riding downhill. This high stability also makes it very easy for beginners to maintain their balance.

The low deck also means that it requires much less effort to push yourself along compared to conventional boards. This will be important for those who are looking for a board to travel longer distances.

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Great Aesthetics

Let’s be honest, looks matter! This is one sweet looking board. Here’s an enlarged photo so that you can admire its beauty up close.

The drop deck adds to the boards aesthetics, and the graphics on the bottom of the board are not just a cheap sticker, the image is actually sprayed on so it won’t peel of.

High Stability

This board has immense stability. Not only from the drop deck but also because of its Reverse King Pin trucks. RKP trucks increase the stability of a longboard at high speed which is why they are usually used in boards designed for downhill use.

Most downhill boards lack maneuverability but because this board is only 41 inches long, it still turns in a fairly small radius.

Features and Specifications

  • Full maple laminate deck
  • Reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks
  • 245-millimeter axles
  • Wide-Lip 70-by-51-millimeter super high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant
  • 80S grip tape

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Customer Reviews and Scores

This board has achieved high customer satisfaction and sells very well. It is sitting near the top of the Amazon best seller list with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars across 107 customer reviews.

Two things that strongly stand out in the reviews about this board are its great looks and also the advantages that the low deck brings, such as stability and ease of cruising.

The wheels are extremely soft, which makes this board very good for carving or cruising but not for sliding. If you do much sliding on this board you will get flat spots on the wheels quite quickly.

A few people have complained that the grip tape started showing minor tears and spots after a few months. I have to say though that is to be expected by boards of this price range, and unless you are prepared to pay $300 for a board then these minor occurrences will happen.


This is a versatile board and offers excellent value for money. The low deck will appeal to beginners who are looking for stability, easy riding.

Downhill riders will enjoy this board for its easy crafting and low center of gravity.

In summary, this is an excellent board for beginners to intermediate level riders.

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  • High stability
  • No wheel bite
  • Good bearings
  • Great aesthetics
  • Good for downhill and cruising


  • Wheels too soft for sliding
  • Grip tape is only adequate


  • Ben Kieffer says:

    My wife bought this for me for Christmas and I am in love….with the longboard. lol
    Seriously though, this is one sweet board. Super stable, glides well and kicks smoothly. Buy one!

  • Lee says:

    Had this since Christmas and it’s really cool. It got a little bit chipped because I went hurtling into the curb, but other than that it is very resilient. You can do some carving on it because there is no wheel bite, and it’s very stable because of the low center of gravity. Fast too!

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