Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard

Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard

This Atom 36-Inch Drop-Through Longboard is the perfect board for anyone wanting all the benefits of a standard longboard but with a tighter turning radius thanks to its shorter length. Carving and weaving are made easy on this board and you’ll feel really stable with the low deck height.

Easy To Ride

I’m quite a big guy and a lot of longboards have way too much flex on them. This board is a rare exception. It feels nice and sturdy with a solid build.

When the board arrived the nuts on the wheels were far too tight, but once I had loosened them this board gave a really smooth and stable ride. If you are a beginner then don’t be put off by its shorter length because the Reverse King Pin trucks increase its stability and make it surprisingly easy to ride.

The low deck not only gives a lower center of gravity for a stable ride but also it means you need less effort to push yourself along. That’s important if you plan on riding on the sidewalk or other flat surfaces over long distances.

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Good All Rounder For Beginners

If you are anything like me when I got my new board, I wanted to be able to do everything on it – tricks, downhill, carving, sliding and cruising. Here’s the good news – this board will allow you to do all of those things!

Normally downhill boards should be at least 45″ in length or they don’t have the stability, but in this case that stability is provided by the Reverse King Pin trucks and low deck height.

OK, let’s be realistic, it’s not going to perform to the same standards as a $200 Sector 9 board, but for the low price this little board will keep you occupied for at least your first year of riding. Once you have got to an intermediate level of riding and you decide you want to go faster then for a few bucks upgrading the bearings on this board will make a huge difference.

Features and Specifications

  • Full maple laminate deck
  • Reverse King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks (245mm axles)
  • Wide-Lip 70x51mm super high rebound (SHR) urethane wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant
  • High quality 80S grip tape

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Customer satisfaction for this board is high and it is seen as a good all-rounder, especially for beginners. Customers like how easy it is to ride and consider it excellent value for money.

This board scored an average of 4 out of 5 stars across 25 customer reviews. Although most customers were extremely happy with their purchase, a few did mention that they had to loosen the wheel nuts when the board arrive. This is something I also had to do, but it only took a few minutes.

If you are a bit of a speed freak then with replacement bearings this board runs a lot faster and smoother. You can pick up some Bones bearings for about $15.


In conclusion this board should be considered a great choice for a beginner because of its durability, high stability due its low deck and also its versatility – you can do downhill, carving, tricks and cruising on this. Add on some Bones bearings and you have yourself a rocket on wheels!

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  • High stability
  • Easy to ride
  • Versatile
  • Maneuverable


  • Bearings


  • Crystal says:

    I’m 13 and my mom got my brother and I this board each for Christmas. My friends have more expensive boards, but this one is really good because I can go faster than some of them in our neighborhood, and even when I go over cracks in the sidewalk I don’t get much vibrations.

  • Enrique says:

    Nice board. My friends and I have a lot of fund on this. It is very maneuverable but at the same time very easy to ride, even for a beginner.

  • David says:

    Nice mid size board I really like it. I have a son 10 years. I would like to buy this for him. Maybe it is a lightweight board. Thanks to the author for this great article. The article is full of tons of information. It is really helpful to me and also the blog too.

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